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In a fast changing industry, trfnews is designed to ensure you keep up to date with the latest in factoring, receivables and supply chain finance.

We report the latest information in the market-place through a combination of news articles, expert commentary, special features, interview and video.

The information covered includes:

  • Factoring, invoice discounting, asset based finance, reverse factoring, forfaiting
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Working capital management and corporate strategy
  • ECA Finance and trade facilitation initiatives
  • Credit Insurance and risk management
  • Trade Receivables Securitisation
  • Alternative finance
  • Technology & Platforms
  • Legal and Regulatory issues

trfnews benefits factoring professionals, trade bankers, credit insurers, credit managers, brokers, commercial lawyers, CFOs, treasurers and anyone requiring in-depth trade and receivables finance reporting.

Over 7500 receivables finance professionals in over 70 countries use trfnews for their factoring, receivables and supply chain finance information requirements.

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trfnews Editorial Board

The trfnews editorial board consists of some of the leading experts in the industry:

Margrith Lutschg-Emmenegger is President of Fimbank and Vice-Chair of Fimbank’s Board of Directors. Mrs Lutschg-Emmenegger co-founded the International Forfaiting Association where she served at Deputy Chairman until September 2003. She is also Chairman of the International Factors Group (IFG).

Eugenio Cavenaghi is a Director at Barclays, where he is responsible for product management of Trade & Working Capital in Europe. Based in Frankfurt, he is especially focused on growing the bank’s international receivables finance capabilities.

Neal Harm is the President of BB&T’s Factoring and Invoice Finance Division and a member of the bank’s Commercial Finance Advisory Board. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer for the Bank’s Commercial Finance Division, including Asset Based Lending, Factoring and Supply Chain Finance.

Josep Selles

Andrzej Zbikowski has been General Manager of ING Commercial Finance Polska SA since 2007. Andrzej is a co-founder of the Polish Factors Association He is also an Executive Committee member of the European Federation of Factoring and Trade Finance on behalf of Polish Factors Association.

Ken Hitzig is Chairman of Accord. Ken was at the founding meeting of Factors Chain International in 1968 and at different times has served on the Executive and the Communications Committee.  He has also been a panelist at several Commercial Finance Association seminars in the United States.

Julio Nielsen is International Manager for Tanner Servicios Financieros in Chile. Julio has 16 years of experience in the field of international factoring and 10 years of experience in the field of credit insurance having worked as Head of Underwriting and Reinsurance at Compañía de Seguros de Crédito Continental, a member of the Atradius Group.

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